FARA 2 Meter Repeater - K1RK (146.655/-0.6 MHz, PL - 88.5)

The FARA 2m repeater is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts on top of the Falmouth Hospital. It provides coverage for most of southeastern Massachusetts. The call sign is K1RK.  The repeater supports both Fusion digital and analog FM.  An 88.5 Hz PL tone (CTCSS) is required to key the repeater.  Users should also setup the 88.5 tone squelch in their receiver to avoid hearing the digital mode transmissions, which sound like noise bursts when received on an analog FM  receiver.  

See photo's and a description of the FARA repeater installation at Falmouth Hospital below.

Ralph Swenson's 2 Meter repeater - N1YHS (147.375, + 0.600 MHz, PL 110.9) 

Ralph Swenson's 2 Meter DMR repeater - N1YHS

DMR ID Callsign City,State Country Frequency Color Offset   Timeslot Trustee Network

 313483 N1YHS E Falmouth   USA 145.210   9 -0.600    TS1/TS2 N1YHS NE-TRBO

Ralph Swenson's 2 Meter Winlink RMS station - N1YHS-7 (145.090)

Ralph Swenson's 222 repeater - N1YHS (224.220, - 1.6 MHz, PL 100.0)

Ralph Swenson's 6 Meter repeater - N1YHS (53.010, - 1.0 MHz, PL 173.8)  (offset is 1 MHz)

DMR Repeater - K1RK

The K1RK DMR repeater is up and connected to the Internet.   Repeater information:


 DMR ID Callsign City,State Country Frequency Color Offset Timeslot Trustee Network

 312527 K1RK Bourne USA 145.200 10 -0.600 TS1/TS2 K1RK NE-TRBO

FARA 900MHz Repeater - K1RK (927.850, -25.7875, PL 88.5) connected to NEAR-900 Net

The 2 meter repeater antenna is located atop the tower on the West side of the Falmouth Hospital building above the emergency room. The 900 MHz antenna is located just below on the East side of the tower. There are other antennas on the tower; amateur 222, 900, and EMS vertical and yagi antennas. Along the rail are antennas for 10 meters, and 2 meters  

The 2 meter Yaesu Analog/Fusion repeater is in the center and the RF Power Labs 90 watt power amplifier is on the bottom shelf. The back-up repeater (fabricated in 1980, ‘GPO’ special) is above the fusion repeater. The 2 meter duplexer is between the two racks.  

The 900 MHz Motorola repeater is in the right rack enclosure. It is linked full time into the NEAR 900 network, see for details. The repeater was installed by Steve (KC1HO) and Rick (N1RCW).