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FARA provides a Baofeng HT to each person who passes a FARA Technician license class. The HT's are fully programmed with local repeater, simplex, and marine weather channels. There are links below to the HT manual, programming details, and a channel-frequency reference.

Baofeng Manual



Channel Frequency Reference


The following material was prepared as an educational activity for FARA Field Day 2016. The "Introduction to Digital Modes" PDF provides basic information to setup your PC and transceiver for use with digital modes and contains links to software used for PSK31 and JT65. The video clips illustrate the setup of WSJT-X, software used for the JT65 mode, and FLDigi, software used for many digital modes, including PSK31. There are also video clips that show QSO's in the JT-65 and PSK31 modes.

Introduction to Digital Modes PDF document -- PSK31 and JT65 - Introduction to Digital Modes

Setting up WSJT-X video demonstration - WSJT-X Setup

Setting up FLDigi video demonstration - FLDigi Setup

Using WSJT-X for JT65 QSO video demonstration - JT65 QSO

Using FLDigi for PSK31 QSO video demonstration - PSK31 QSO


Brent, W1NCH, demonstrated the construction of an inexpensive co-linear 2 meter vertical. Construction details are shown on the handout.


Logging Workshop Agenda - FARA Logging Workshop Agenda

N1MM FD Logging - N1MM FD Log Operator Information

N3FJP FD Logging - N3FJP FD Log Operator Information

Logging Software Resources:

N1MM Contest Logger:

N1MM Download Page - N1MM Downloads

N1MM Installation Instructions -N1MM Installation

N1MM Full Documentation - N1MM Documentation

N1MM Transceiver Interface Help - N1MM Transceiver Interfacing

N3FJP's AC (Amateur Contact) Log:

AC Log Download - AC Log Download

AC Log Video Introduction - AC Log Video Quickstart

AC Log Guide Download - AC Log Guide

AC Log Guide PDF - AC Log Guide (local copy)

AC Log Transceiver Interface Help - AC Log Transceiver Interfacing


DX Cluster, stations on the air - DX Summit

Propagation Information - PSK Reporter, Reverse Beacon Network, WSPRnet

Callsign Lookup - QRZ, HamCall

QSO Confirmation - Log Book of the World (LotW), QRZ, eQSL, Club Log

Sample USB/Serial Interface Information - Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom

Audio Recorder for Voice Keying - Audacity

WebSDR Listings, listen to your received signal - WebSDR, KiwiSDR

CW Keying Interface Information - N3FJP Schematics, Nano Keyer Arduino-based keyer, WinKeyer Kits

CW Decoding Software - FLDigi, CW Get, CW Decoder, CW Skimmer, MRP40

CW Keyboard Software - CW Type, FLDigi, MRP40, CW Decoder, CW Player

Virtual Port Software - VSP Manager (free to hams)

Virtual Audio Software - Virtual Audio Cable, VB Cable

FT8/FT4 digital modes software - WSJT-X

FLDigi Digital Modes software - FLDigi