FARA  Membership Information

FARA is the largest amateur radio group on Cape Cod. Some of our members are "snow birds", fleeing the Cape for points south right after Labor Day each year. Some are "summer residents", with their main residences scattered all over the Northeast. Some of our members are "transients", coming to work at one of the several institutes or government facilities on the Cape. Some of our members only spend one or two weeks a year on the Cape and Islands, but they join FARA simply to help us support the extensive repeater network that all of our licensed visitors enjoy while they are in the area.

We have several rates for dues:

Member - $25

Family - $35

International Associate* - $15

Full Time Student - $10

New License** - $5

A family membership covers everyone in the family with a license. We have quite a few "ham families" in FARA.

If you'd like to join us, send email to our membership coordinator, Lee, NQ1L. 

Dues are payable each year on January 1. In addition to the monthly meetings, our repeater functions, and amateur related activities galore, you also have the opportunity to participate in our many public service events. Whatever your interest is in amateur radio, we've probably got a group of members involved in it. If not, you can start your own group. You'll probably find many like-minded fellow amateurs in FARA that would be interested in participating in a new group.


* International Associate must hold a non-U.S. Membership is non-voting. 

** FARA offers newly licensed hams a special rate of $5 within the first year of their license. A free "New License" membership is given to each student who passes the examination at the Tech-in-a-weekend class held twice yearly. If you become a "new" member after October your next dues payment will not be due for a year. I.e. if you join after October of 2003, your FARA membership will expire on December 31, 2004.