Summary of FARA Repeaters
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Frequency PL tone
FARA 2 meter 146.655/-0.6 MHz 88.5 Hz
WA1GPO 70 cm 444.250/+5 MHz 141.3 Hz
FARA 2 m/70 cm Boston link 442.750/+5 MHz   (in Boston area) 141.3 Hz

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FARA Logo The FARA 2m repeater

The FARA 2m repeater is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts on top of the Falmouth Hospital. It provides coverage for most of southeastern Massachusetts. Its call sign is K1RK. It is also linked to a FARA 440 remote link repeater located in Newton, Massachusetts which effectively extends FARA's 2m coverage into the Boston area via 440. The FARA 2m repeater has a rich set of features on it, most of which are open only to FARA members. An 88.5 Hz PL tone is required to key the repeater.

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FARA Logo FARA 2m features

Phone Patch/Autodialer Speed dial feature also available
220 MHz FM link Full duplex or simplex operation
440 MHz FM link Full duplex or simplex operation
10m FM Link1 Full duplex or simplex operation
Signal strength report Reports relative signal strength in S units
Activate Boston Link Turns on Boston Link from Falmouth

FARA repeater functions above are available to club members only. All FARA repeaters are open to the general ham public. You can join FARA on-line and we accept PayPal.

Note 1. The 10m FM link may only be used by General or higher class licensees who are members of FARA. The link operates in the FM portion of 10m above 29 MHz. This region is not available to licensees below General Class.

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FARA Logo The Falmouth-Boston 2m/70cm Link

 The FARA link repeater is a full duplex 440 machine located in Newton Centre. Anytime the 440 machine is accessed it also keys up the FARA 2 m repeater in Falmouth. Users on the 440 link in Newton may talk with each other and also with users in Falmouth on the FARA 2m machine. Anything appearing on the input of the 440 machine in Newton will appear on the 2m input to the FARA machine in Falmouth, and hence will be heard in Falmouth. The link will remain active for 5 minutes if it is not accessed during that time from the Boston area. It will then automatically shut down. The 440 link repeater carries the callsign WA1GPO.

FARA members may open the link from the Falmouth 2m repeater if they wish to call someone monitoring the FARA 440 machine in Newton. This is done with a touch tone access code and the feature is available to FARA members only. All FARA 2m features may also be accessed via the link. Special instructions apply for using touch tones to access Falmouth functions through the link because of audio delays that are necessarily built into the link circuit. Note, should you access the signal strength-reporting feature, the report you will receive will be that of the Newton-Falmouth 2m link transmitter, not that of your signal into the Newton 440 machine.

This is an open repeater, however keep in mind that it is solely designed to facilitate communications from the Boston area into Falmouth. It can be used as a 440 repeater in the Boston area, but keep in mind that any conversations on the 440 repeater in Newton will also be heard on the 2m repeater in Falmouth.

Site courtesy of Middlesex Amateur Radio Club,
home of W1HEB repeater (147.360 + 67 HzPL)

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Updated: 04/24/2010