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W1MGY Lighthouse Day Event at Nobska Light

posted Aug 25, 2018, 3:36 PM by L Gray   [ updated Aug 25, 2018, 3:38 PM ]

The members of the Titanic / Marconi Memorial Radio Association of Cape Cod were allowed the opportunity to operate from Nobska Light on National Lighthouse Day, August 7th. A number of hams that are also members of local ham clubs participated. On the evening of the 6th, we set up an R-5 vertical antenna and a multi-band wire dipole. Early on the morning of the 7th, we started to operate . We made a few contacts early, but conditions were very poor and the contacts tapered off as the day wore on. We did reach as far away as Australia and Northern Ireland. The prime parts of the day were the visitors that came through to check out the lighthouse. The lighthouse is usually only open for two hours for tours but, because it was National Lighthouse Day, they were open for 4 hours. There were a number of visitors and they stopped by the room we used for operating. There were approximately 40 children that came with parents. As each group came in three dots were sent out using a practice code oscillator.  The visitors--especially the children, were asked if they knew what letter that represented in Morse Code and why it was significant. The significance was explained along with a brief history.  We explained the public service provided by amateur radio, such as CERTS, ARES, disaster relief, aiding in road races and marathons, SKYWARN weather spotters and the like. We had Morse Code charts available and many of the children tried to tap out their names in code. Many times parents had to press their children to move on. Even through contact numbers were not large, it was throughly enjoyed by everyone, and we would welcome the opportunity to do it again. 

A very large thank you to the “Friends of Nobska Light”, for allowing us to operate from Nobska Light.

Barry / KB1TLR; Trustee / W1MGY


Images courtesy Barry, W1TLR and Don, N1JCT