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Show and Tell at September Meeting

posted Jan 30, 2018, 4:26 AM by L Gray

The September FARA meeting was held at the club station located on Joint Base Cape Cod.  The meeting space was overflowing with FARA members.  The featured activity of the meeting were "show and tell" presentations made by several members, as detailed below.

Inexpensive DMR Transceiver:

Alan, K1AMJ, showed his Radioddity GD-77 dual band, DMR/analog transceiver.  The transceiver is $99.99 with a programming cable and spare battery from

Small VHF Mobile Rig:

Don, N1JCT, talked about his recently acquired VHF rig, a Baojie BJ-218 2mtr/440 mobile radio purchased on Amazon for $70. Made in China. Radio dimensions ...4.5" x 4" x 1". Output….5-10-25 watts drawing max of 5 amps. Head is not detachable. Comes with programming cable. Programs with Chirp with appropriate software available on line. Was a bit difficult to match the software with the cable chip. (NOTE : This radio is same as Luiton 725-UV...Chirp recognizes and will program the Luiton name/model, but not the Baojie name/model! ) Can change display lights to different colors for monitoring, transmitting, receiving.  The radio sits on a shelf below my car's dash. A factory hole in the shelf provides cable routing. The three cables: power, speaker and antenna are all routed with the help of split tubing, adhesive tie wrap mounts and tie wraps for a neat installation.


BitX-40 QRP SSB Transceiver Kit:

Jason, W5IPA, showed his version of the popular BitX-40 QRP transceiver kit.  See for details of the BitX-40 kit.

RaspberryPi Display and Power Supply:

Brent, W1NCH, showed a display and power supply with an integrated RaspberryPi mount, which would make a great portable low power computer.  The power supply is a DROK LM2596 Digital Control Voltage Regulator (5-32V to 0-30V 24V to 12V 5V), $8.99, available from  The display is a Raspberry Pi Display Screen Monitor - SunFounder 10.1 Inch HDMI 1280x800 LCD for Raspberry Pi 3, $115,


Straight Key Kit:

Brent also showed an American Morse straight key built from a kit, $49, from


Microwave Coax Switch:

Brent showed a microwave coax switch assembled from a Transco SP6T coax switch typically $20-40 used from and a W6PQL 12 to 28vdc converter from

Headphone Amplifier:

Larry, W1IZZ, showed a headphone amplifier built from the August, 2015 QST article attached below.  The parts list is also attached.  The amp is powered by 12 volts and provides bass and treble "boost" to improve the ability to hear signals.  


RS-HFIQ Single Board HF SDR Transceiver:

Larry also showed an RS-HFIQ single board, 5 watt SDR HF transceiver "kit" available from  The RS-HFIQ is an open-source HF transceiver project designed to translate I and Q baseband signals to RF in the 80/60/40/30/20/17/15/12/10M Amateur Radio bands. The I and Q signals must be provided/processed by external signal processing which is usually a PC running HDSDR open source SDR software.  The transceiver has been used to make numerous contacts, including many DX contacts.  The images below show the transceiver in its enclosure with the external USB sound card from and the HDSDR display while using the transceiver.


L Gray,
Jan 30, 2018, 4:26 AM
L Gray,
Jan 30, 2018, 4:26 AM