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FARA Field Day 2018 Setup

posted Jun 22, 2018, 12:17 PM by L Gray   [ updated Jun 22, 2018, 1:31 PM ]
Field Day setup proceeded very smoothly, thanks to the efforts of the 28 FARA members and guests present for setup.  Many hands make light work.  The Sheriff's Community Service Program tent crew did a great job setting up the 40x40 tent.  The Barnstable Fairgrounds crew did a nice job mowing the field and the weather could not have been much better.

The setup crew: Alden-K1IZB, Mike-KC1HKW, Mel-KC1ELB, Al-KC1JLV, Henry-K1WCC, Doug-N1OEI, Jeremy-KB1SFS, Gene-KX1C, Mike-K1VTR, George-N1GJ, Paul-K1COD, Bob-WA1DRQ, Jay-WB4KYW, Steve-KG4SHD, Bill-W1WH, Earl-W1EEB, Norm-KB1TSE, Jim-KX1M, Lee-NQ1L, Tom-N1TB, Greg-W1KM, Geoff-W1OH, Jim-WA1GPO, Bill-N2OSZ, Dick-KB1KMP, Ralph-N1YHS, Don-N1JCT, and Larry-W1IZZ.

The setup crew moved all of the equipment up from the storage container, setup 4 antenna towers, assembled 5 beams, rolled out coaxial cables and put up three 40M dipoles.  The stations will be connected Saturday AM, when power will be available from the "Killer Mouse Electric Company" via propane powered generators.

We hope to see many FARA members and visitors on Saturday and Sunday.  There are still plenty of opportunities for FARA members or visitors to make contacts from one of the four radio stations,  and the Saturday afternoon cookout is a great time.

(Images by Geoff Allsup and Larry Gray)