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FARA Field Day 2018 Opportunities

posted Mar 20, 2018, 9:36 AM by L Gray   [ updated Mar 28, 2018, 5:39 AM ]

We have less than 100 days until Field Day 2018.  Setup begins on Friday, June 22.  Field Day operation takes place on Saturday-Sunday, June 23-24.  Teardown takes place after 1400 on Sunday, 24 June.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!

There are numerous opportunities to participate in FARA's Field Day activities.  There is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of experience or physical condition.

The following positions need to be filled:
  • Field Boss - Directs setup and teardown of antennas and related equipment (FILLED)
  • Station Captain SSB Station - Sets up the SSB station and schedules operators (FILLED)
  • Station Captain CW Station - Sets up the CW station and schedules operators
  • Station Captain VHF Station - Sets up the VHF station and schedules operators
  • Station Captain GOTA station - Sets up the GOTA station and schedules operators (FILLED)
  • Food Captain - Procures and delivers food and related items for cookout on Saturday, solicits pot luck items
  • Media Publicity Coordinator - Develops and sends press releases to local media
  • Public Information Table Coordinator - Sets up a public information table with club handouts/information and visitor sign-in log
  • Satellite Station Captain - Sets up a satellite station and completes at least one satellite QSO
  • Alternate Power Coordinator - Sets up solar power/battery power and makes at least 5 QSO's using alternate power (FILLED)
  • Educational Activity Coordinator - Develops and presents a ham radio related  educational activity during Field Day
  • Youth Participation Coordinator - Recruits youth participants to make QSO's from the GOTA station
  • Safety Officer - Completes ARRL safety checklist and monitors safety during Field Day.
  • Operators - Operators are needed for the SSB, CW, and VHF stations to cover the 24 hour period from 1400 on Saturday, 23 June through 1400 Sunday, 24 June
  • Setup Crew - Several people are required to assist with retrieving equipment from the club storage container and setup of the towers, antennas and related items.  Most of this work is done on Friday, June 22.  
  • Teardown Crew - Several people are required to assist with taking down the towers and antennas, coiling coax, storing the equipment in the club storage container.  Teardown is done after 1400 on Sunday, June 24.  
There are opportunities for club members of any skill level or physical condition to assist with Field Day.

If you are available on the Field Day dates and would like to assist, please let me know via email.  Please include the opportunities of interest to you.  If you filled a position last year, hopefully, you will be available again this year.

Larry, W1IZZ
Field Day Coordinator