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Cape Cod ARES Exercise Report

posted Aug 16, 2020, 10:12 AM by L Gray   [ updated Aug 16, 2020, 10:18 AM ]
from Henry Brown, K1WCC: 

I thought the exercise today went very well, at least from the standpoint of Falmouth ARES. Hope it all went well at the other Field Stations.

First, the following were present:

Henry, K1WCC   (operator)
Charlie, K1CB (operator)
Mel, KC1ELB    (operator)
Marinna  (operator)
Bill, KC1NGO
Tim, W1TCD
Andy, K7ADA
Gene, KX1C

We set up two stations 100 ft. apart in the east parking area of the Falmouth Hospital. Both stations used Spyder poles extended to their full length of 40 ft. The 2 meter station used a ladder line J-pole with two power sources-a deep cycle gel cell and a vehicle. The vehicle did most of the heavy lifting. Radio used was a Yaesu FT-2980 running the full 80 watts. All documentation was by pen and paper. The second station was intended to operate on 446.000 to test the capability of that band for Cape use. They used a homebrew ground plane and an ICOM IC-208 running full power on 440. They also used the vehicle for power. The 2 meter station set up a table and beach umbrella for shelter and the 440 station used their truck tailgate. Communications between these stations was on 146.520.

The weather was calm but overcast and muggy with occasional drops of rain. Setup started at about 0830 and took less than an hour. Charlie K1CB started net control duties at 1000. He was occasionally spelled by Henry  and Marinna, W1FX.

Propagation was surprisingly good. Noteworthy were our contacts with W2BTA on Nantucket with a good, readable signal, K1LRJ in Eastham, another good and readable signal, and K1WIT in Chatham, weak but readable. We had no problems working the Sandwich Field Station, JBCC station, and various home stations. Also noteworthy was the ability of the 440 station to contact the Sandwich Field Station on 446.000 with a good, readable signal. This opens up another possible avenue of communication. We will need to investigate what limitations we may have on 440 given the Space Force restrictions.

Exercise ended for us at 1130.

Some pictures are attached. Thanks to all who participated.

Henry Brown  K1WCC
Falmouth ARES EC