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2018 Falmouth Road Race Support

posted Aug 26, 2018, 6:31 AM by L Gray   [ updated Aug 26, 2018, 6:33 AM ]

Barry, KB1TLR, organized FARA's 2018 Falmouth Road Race communication support crew.  The communications crew consisted of 29 amateur radio operators manning medical and water stop locations along the course, as well as EOC net control, finish line information tent, trail support vehicle, and the unified command center.  As usual, FARA's communication support worked very well, often serving to relay traffic when medical radios or race radios were unable to communicate.  Henry, K1WCC, was stationed at the Unified Command truck located at Mariner's Point.  His "after-action report" is shown below:

Falmouth Road Race 8/19/2018
After Action Report
This year, my station was S-39, the UNIFIED COMMAND van at Marriner's Point.
I arrived on site at 0600, earlier than usual. I'm glad I went early, because traffic was much
worse than usual. Some of our FARA Team seemed to arrive late at their stations due to
In S-39 were Boyd DeMello and Craig O'Malley of the Fire Dept., Sean Doyle of the
Police Dept., Ralph Swenson, N1YHS a scribe, and myself.
Ralph had built a headset controller that made good use of both radios. You could listen to
one or the other, or both, with one radio on one ear and the other on the other ear. This
worked perfectly and did not disturb the FD and PD guys, but they could hear me talking
and often asked questions, since some of the Race radios being used could not reach where
we could.
Call up was at 0730 but not much happened till the Race began about 0900. Most of my
comms were with the Trail SAG Bus. Their medical radios did not work well along the
course so I relayed all of their comms to the FD, as they were a SAG bus and picking up
runners along the way. Using both repeaters worked well.
Since the weather was cool, there were very few patients, only about 40 total at Finish line
Med. We had some issues with computers/lists for the Info Tent guys and hospital but they
used their heads and worked it out. That was impressive.
We were relieved at 1155. Traffic going home was not bad, I went the Heights Rd. to
MacDougalls, then along Grand Ave. north to Elysian, then home the usual way. Some
traffic, but otherwise easy.
This year, I wore my EMCOM/ARES vest. Although I didn't use it during the Race, my
Kenwood HT fit into the left pocket, the speaker mic clipped onto the right chest clip, and
there was a pen and penlight holder as well. I'll use that more often, very convenient.

Falmouth ARES EC

Unified Command
Inside Unified Command 
Inside Unified Command 
Falmouth Hospital
Falmouth Hospital 
Finish Line Info Tent 

Images courtesy: Henry, K1WCC; Charlle, K1CB; Brent, W1NCH