FARA at CC Mini Maker Faire

posted Apr 29, 2017, 3:20 PM by L Gray   [ updated Apr 29, 2017, 3:21 PM ]

An overall view of the activity

Lots of activity at the CC Mini Maker Faire. Exhibits ran the gamut from bamboo sword fighting, sword and armor making, air powered rockets, robot obstacle courses, 3D printing model aircraft parts... to ham radio. Brent assisted young people in the manufacture of about 50 clothes-pin CW sounders. FARA was well represented by a number of members.

 Clothes pin CW "key"

Cold forging armor
Making a sword

Internet Privacy and Security

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As a part of the April 26 FARA monthly meeting, FARA President Brent Putnam gave an informative presentation on privacy and security.  A copy of the presentation slides, including the notes, is attached to this posting.  Click the link below to open the presentation in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader.

Field Day Opportunities

posted Apr 18, 2017, 9:57 AM by L Gray   [ updated Apr 18, 2017, 9:59 AM ]

We need assistance from FARA members during Field Day.  There are numerous opportunities available to help FARA hold a successful and fun Field Day event.  

A list of the available opportunities follows.  Please contact me if you are interested in one or more of these opportunities.

Field Boss - Coordinate the antenna assembly and tower work during setup and tear down

CW Station Captain - Set up the CW station (rig, cabling, table, chairs, screen tent...) and schedule operators.

VHF Station Captain - Set up the VHF station (rig, cabling, table, chairs, screen tent...) and schedule operators.

Public Information Table - Set up a table with FARA information, ham radio information, and a visitor's log

Message Origination to Section Manager: Send an ARRL radiogram via RF to the Eastern MA ARRL section manager

Message Handling: Send 10 ARRL radiograms via RF

W1AW Bulletin: Copy the W1AW Field Day Bulletin via CW, SSB, PSK or RTTY and provide a 100% accurate copy of the bulletin

Educational activity bonus: Develop and conduct an educational activity at the field day site.

Field Day Youth Participation: Coordinate/encourage people 18 and younger to make QSO's at the Field Day site.

Safety Officer - Verify all safety concerns on the safety checklist and submit the completed checklist
​ ​
​If you are interested in any of these opportunities​, please contact me.  If you have any questions about any of these opportunities, please contact Larry, W1IZZ at

W1MGY Titanic Special Event

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Here are some videos and images from the W1MGY Titanic Special Event remembering the 105th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic:


New England QSO Party (NEQP)

posted Apr 9, 2017, 5:03 AM by L Gray   [ updated Apr 9, 2017, 5:03 AM ]

This year, the New England QSO Party (NEQP) will be held on May 6-7, from 4pm EDT Saturday to 1am EDT Sunday, and then 9am-8pm EDT on Sunday.

This relaxed contest is a great way to get on the air. We have elmers willing to help others get their feet wet and/or learn how to operate the equipment at the JBCC shack.

As we get closer to the event, a sign-up sheet will be made available.

For more information about the NEQP, see

DMR Repeater K1RK Now Fully Operational

posted Apr 6, 2017, 3:19 PM by L Gray   [ updated Apr 6, 2017, 3:20 PM ]

From Ralph, N1YHS:
The Bourne, K1RK DMR Repeater is now connected to the network! After much effort by Bill (NE1B), Dave (KN3T) and Mike (W1MLL), we were able to get the FreedomPop MIFI Access Point and the Cradlepoint Router installed this morning at the site and get the system on the network! Great job everyone! Could not have done it without you guys!

System is working great and we are looking forward to some signal reports from around the area. All groups (local, regional, national and world wide) are accessible. Have fun and enjoy!

A TITANIC Special Event!

posted Mar 28, 2017, 12:21 PM by L Gray   [ updated Mar 28, 2017, 12:22 PM ]

The Titanic/Marconi Radio Association of Cape Cod (W1MGY) will be operating a special event station at the National Seashore Visitors Center in Eastham from 6:30am EDT on April 13 through 2:00pm EDT on April 15.

On April 15, there will be a break from 1:27am - when the Titanic is believed to have sunk - until 9:30am when the visitors center opens. At 2:00pm on Saturday, the center will be showing the 1997 movie "Titanic."

Not only is the Visitors Center staff excited about having W1MGY operate there, this is a great opportunity to be THE station that everyone else wants to contact. 

If you want to participate, contact Barry, KB1TLR, at

FARA at Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire

posted Mar 28, 2017, 12:08 PM by L Gray   [ updated Mar 28, 2017, 12:08 PM ]

FARA will be participating in the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire as an Enthusiast/Contributing Sponsor on Saturday, April 29, from 10am-4pm at the Mashpee High School.

"Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new, Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. All of these "makers" come to Maker Faire to show what they have made and to share what they have learned."

Assistance is needed from FARA members with:
  • Setup (8-10am)
  • Greeting the public
  • Operating/getting the public on the air
  • Helping the public (kids) construct Morse code keys
  • Takedown (4pm until done)
Because the Maker Faire is all about do-it-yourself, we would prefer to display and use equipment (radios and antennas) that is constructed from a kit or scratch-built.

Contact Brent, W1NCH at if you can help, and/or loan equipment for display or operating. 

For more information about the Faire, see

Order Your FARA Hat

posted Mar 5, 2017, 2:14 PM by L Gray   [ updated Mar 5, 2017, 2:16 PM ]

Following on the successful FARA apparel purchase last fall, we are now taking orders for hats. As with the apparel, we'll be ordering them through Advanced Embroidery in Hyannis. The cost is $12.95 each.  The hat is stone colored with royal blue trim, as shown in the image, and the FARA logo will on the front. Your callsign can be added to the back for an additional $5. The deadline to order is Tuesday, March 7.

If you want a hat, contact Mel, KC1ELB, at mtltfish (at)

General Class Upgrade Course

posted Feb 22, 2017, 12:12 PM by L Gray   [ updated Feb 22, 2017, 12:13 PM ]

General license upgrade course to be held on four consecutive Saturday mornings 9AM to noon, beginning 3/18/17, and ending 4/8/17.  Class includes the spiral-bound version of the ARRL General Class License manual and a free license examination on 4/8/17.  Course fee will be approximately $35. 

Contact Charlie Bresnahan, K1CB at for further details, or to sign up for the course.

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