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Google Website Training:

Uploading Documents to Website folders - View a short video demonstration, Document Uploading
Posting a Classified Ad - View a short video demonstration, Posting Classifieds

Digital Modes Tutorial:

The following material was prepared as an educational activity for FARA Field Day 2016.  The "Introduction to Digital Modes" PDF provides basic information to setup your PC and transceiver for use with digital modes and contains links to software used for PSK31 and JT65.  The video clips illustrate the setup of WSJT-X, software used for the JT65 mode, and FLDigi, software used for many digital modes, including PSK31.  There are also video clips that show QSO's in the JT-65 and PSK31 modes.

Introduction to Digital Modes PDF document -- PSK31 and JT65 - Introduction to Digital Modes
Setting up WSJT-X video demonstration - WSJT-X Setup
Setting up FLDigi video demonstration - FLDigi Setup
Using WSJT-X for JT65 QSO video demonstration - JT65 QSO
Using FLDigi for PSK31 QSO video demonstration - PSK31 QSO

Field Day 2017 Educational Activity:

Brent, W1NCH, demonstrated the construction of an inexpensive co-linear 2 meter vertical.  Construction details are shown on the handout.